Zia United Methodist Church
Rev. Blaine Wimberly

3368 Governor Miles Rd. Santa Fe NM 87507   Map to Zia UMC          



All scheduled events are on hold. Our primary concern is to keep as many people as possible as healthy as possible, especially those who are more vulnerable. Be aware that it is possible to spread the virus without becoming sick, or before you show symptoms.

March 29th Sermon

March 22nd Sermon

March 15th Sermon

email us at Zia UMC for further
information on any
ministries or meeting times



If you would like to be a part of
the Monday bible study of "Judges"
at noon or the Lent study on Sundays
at 9:30 am, please send us an email
or call the church office (505) 471-0997
so we can give you the link.